Day 5

Second blog post. What to say? First,  I’m totally stoked about Game 5 between the New Orleans Hornets and my beloved Denver Nuggets!!! Anyone see the game on Monday? We DESTROYED the Hornets, winning by a record tying 58 points! Truly a great game to see. Too bad it wasn’t covered on TNT. The SportsCenter twitter board lit up after the game with comments from sports fans across the country. Anyway, will hopefully be celebrating the Nuggets winning the first round in the Western Conference since 1995.

Chauncey : The Man

Chauncey : The Man

Chauncey Billups has been a monster pickup for us and one of the best trades we’ve ever made. And Melo’s really starting to mature and become a more shrewd and strategic sort of player. I’m not sure we can get past the Lakers if we make it to the conference finals but I’m happy just to get to the second round. Go Nuggets!!!


So far, I’ve had around 5 visitors or so to my blog. Hey, the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. (not sure who to credit that quote to but I like it and use it often). My wife’s blog averages 8-10 comments per post. But it’s taken her awhile to build up that sort of commenting awesomeness. Hell, I know what it’s like to start from scratch. In early 2005, I launched a website directory and made a whopping $500 for all of ’05!!! Actually, it was around $460. Needless to say, it was a hard slog that year and I had to fight off the disappointment and disillusionment on an almost daily basis. My wife was making all the money and as a man, that doesn’t always feel just right. It’s okay that she makes more money than I do but $500!!! WTF???

But here’s the cool part to the story. Last year, my little business grossed close to $100,000. Yeah, six figures. This year it will hopefully do at least 120k or so. Not bad in a down economy. What’s the point of all this bragging? Well, it’s not to brag as much as it’s to say that everybody and everything starts at ground zero. Where was YouTube a few years ago? What about Microsoft? Apple? Twitter? Remember that JK Rowling was an unemployed single mother before she started writing the Harry Potter books. Now she’s the first author ever to be worth over a billion dollars.

All I’m saying is that I know from first hand experience how something can seem like a dead end at first. But often (not all the time but often), with hardwork and a little perseverance, that little something can turn into a big deal. Whatever. I sound like a fucking self-help guru. My bad. Just sermonizing a bit.


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